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you get the next 3 pokemon gens but you die in ten years

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User Info: fddsfsasf

3 years ago#1
along with the systems required to play them.

do you take the deal?

User Info: Tigo73

3 years ago#2
The man who will steal your candles.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#3
Why would the systems die in ten years?
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

3 years ago#4
No, I haven't even gotten this one yet. I don't know how good the franchise will be in three gens
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.

User Info: Lite_Bulb

3 years ago#5
No. That's a stupid deal. Pokemon ain't worth my life.

User Info: ZTIger5

3 years ago#6
Heck no. I have way too much to accomplish during and after that. I'd rather wait and pay for the new releases.
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User Info: MrMaho

3 years ago#7
I'd probably suggest someone to get help if they're willing to say they would.
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User Info: waddict

3 years ago#8
This would be so great if I had cancer and 2 weeks to live.
I get the next 3 gens AND 10 extra years to my life?
Hellz yeah!
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User Info: Cedlow

3 years ago#9
Maybe if I was like 80+ years old since I wouldn't want to be around for my late 90's anyways.
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User Info: Sewaddle

3 years ago#10
sure my life sux anyway
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