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Weird things that the announcement could be...

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User Info: Noble-Heart

3 years ago#11
Pokemon Typing being released in the states. It's already translated but the chances are very low since this a Ds game.
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User Info: Probit_Return

3 years ago#12
A Pokemon/Digimon crossover game where you play as a new pokemon trainer who soon after getting their first pokemon is pulled into a conflict in the Digital World. Two full maps to explore, a customizable team of both pokemon and digimon, a party of allies that grant certain bonuses if they're in your party, each with a signature pokemon and digimon (example, Izzy would have Tentomon and Mareep), a unique combat system, an in depth story with twists, turns, and intrigue but still allowing for the adventure-y exploration aspect of Pokemon games. Could be fun.
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User Info: Zacks_Fair

3 years ago#13
Nightinangle posted...
Every even gen 2 new eeveelutions were announced. So far it is just a coincidence. (Happened twice)
And you can't count on coincidence to be pattern.

It takes three to become a pattern. If it happens now, we can fairly expect 2 new eeveelutions in gen 8.

But yeah adding dragon eeveelution would be great, and since they just made dragon cards maybe a tie in could happen there, I want a ghost though.

Dragon Eevee would make my year
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User Info: gamester_12345

3 years ago#14
Hype Orotto....has Orotto even been SEEN in English footage yet?

Either that, or formally reveal Mega Kangaskhan, assuming it hasn't happened already by counting the reveal at a Pokemon tournament as a global reveal and not something for the visitors as an early surprise for them.

Or the tiny possibility of a special DVD for the Pokemon: The Origin special..? or artistic license shortening the original season into a few discs to make it a bit more palatable but speedy?

Or possibly they'll use that Mewtwo prologue episode as an Online-Only episode on Pokemon.Com, then use it as an advertisement for the Mewtwo movie on the 19th of October, basically doing a "Be sure to Drink your Ovaltine" whilst being trolls about it.
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User Info: bakkahentai8600

3 years ago#15
Pokemon x and y anime trailer like Black and White 2's.
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