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The Speak-About-The-Announcement-In-Advance Thread!

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User Info: GilgameshSwords

3 years ago#21
According to Serebii

"Following the tease on Saturday, it has been announced by The Pokémon Company that they will be running a site called Gotta Catch 'Em All, based on the classic catchphrase that has started to make a return on various merchandise and advertising, and the site features a special promotion. The competition only runs in the US to win various products including a 3DS, TCG cards and download codes for Pokémon X & Y upon their release"

I am so sick and tired of teh UK and RoW being screwed over when it comes to these online competitions. Gamefaqs is the worst for it on a side note.

User Info: Vaati_Reborn

3 years ago#22
Oh Pogo did that video? That's cool as hell I love his stuff
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User Info: RoleOfGSHC

3 years ago#23
...Wow, that was underwhelming. I was hoping that the announcement would have been worth my time.
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User Info: SlimeStack

3 years ago#24
So new international site like I said.

There's got to be at least one person on this board that thought it was going to be Hoenn remakes, where's that guy?

User Info: warnerbroman

3 years ago#25

did not know he made this.
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