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Kc ditto (Archived)GrudgeChains25/22 5:26AM
God, I hope it is not another pay-to-play games (Archived)Executor1555/21 11:36PM
Favorite Music from Kalos (Archived)Mr15555175/21 11:33PM
Favorite Pokemon in the NU tier (Archived)Mr15555145/20 10:05AM
What are the benefits of using Chansey over Blissey? (Archived)Trickfinger75/20 1:58AM
Con I'm going to is holding a VGC '14 style tourney, gimmick-y team help? (Archived)TBW4Ever15/19 1:38PM
Haunter is an awesome Pokemon (Archived)lawlnope9265/19 12:44PM
just hatched a shiny 5IV with egg moves KEEN EYE starly with MM (Archived)kippp365/19 1:59AM
Top 10 Pokemon in The PU tier (Archived)Mr15555155/18 12:42PM
Xerneas to Arceus? (Archived)PokemonPlaya95/17 9:37PM
Breeding for perfect IV's (Archived)shialen35/17 8:39PM
pokemon colosseum has an amazing soundtrack (Archived)kokobeng1000045/17 7:32PM
Super Training Graph showing EV's i didnt invest in (Archived)S-Man123635/17 7:09AM
Why are all my hatched ferroseeds female? (Archived)S-Man123675/16 9:06PM
Mixed Mewtwo X? (Archived)Xelotah15/15 9:04PM
Super Training (Archived)maagicvelcro15/15 2:19PM
I have no idea if these still work: Diancie XY codes (Archived)Kromlech0625/15 1:21PM
Pokemon that are normally under look (the bugs) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bryan_Skull205/15 9:51AM
Do you earn Pokemon Amie hearts without even playing with your Pokemon? (Archived)GadgetBoyJustin25/15 6:20AM
What kind of ball is the pink one with the heart on it? (Archived)MAO8318485/14 8:44PM
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