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How to counter prankster Swagger?
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Tactician714119/18 10:17AM
I didnt believe u guys at first, but now.....
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SiniSister_6599/18 10:15AM
So i receive a code to download the stone to evolve Heracross.siviney19/18 10:10AM
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So What Is It With The Love For Gardevoir
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jamstaere081059/18 9:46AM
Good Pokemon Webcomics
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Bearacudda98359/18 9:45AM
Elesa is balding
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inchbytes139/18 9:37AM
I have Celebi for trade and other rare Pokemonhappychappy65439/18 9:12AM
XY had the best story, if not, the best ending in the series. SPOILERS (Poll)
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TaticalWarrior809/18 9:10AM
YR: You are hired to teach three classes in a new-found Pokemon school.
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Muffinz0rz159/18 8:49AM
Player Search System name border colors?JustinYummy49/18 8:02AM
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YR: You can report your enemy in the Next Genhodelino79/18 6:20AM