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Why are Dark types SE against Ghost types?

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2 years ago#1
ost type vulnerabilities are obvious, the rest can usually be figured out, but this one I never got. Why would Beat Up or Crunch do normal damage to a Geodude but double damage to a Golurk?
2 years ago#2
Dark is more evil than Ghost thus more powerful
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2 years ago#3
A lot of Pokedex entries suggest that a lot of Ghost Pokemon feed off of the emotions or energies of others. Being around evil Dark Pokemon and being assaulted by their bad energy is therefore more damaging to them because they're more sensitive to it.
2 years ago#4
Game balance

It might also have something to do with Ghost-types being "shadows" and shadows being unable to exist in total darkness
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2 years ago#5
2 years ago#6
Well, thanks for making a duplicate of my topic, I guess.

I would actually like to know this.
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2 years ago#7
Because Ghosts and demons hate dark cultists. At least that's the lore.
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  3. Why are Dark types SE against Ghost types?

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