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Your reaction: Braixen's evo...

#1117MasterPosted 9/17/2013 1:29:56 PM
Still wouldn't use it.
#12Dino-KPosted 9/17/2013 1:33:29 PM
"Hm, do I want to start with Chespin or Froakie?"
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#13Doctor_SpankyPosted 9/17/2013 1:35:18 PM
FuneralCake posted...
please have boobs, please have boobs, please have boobs...

#14Misdreavus573Posted 9/17/2013 1:35:42 PM
Interesting concept.

Male = wizard, Female = witch.
#15bowser1985Posted 9/17/2013 1:45:47 PM
As long as the male version is focused towards attacks rather than support moves, sure, that could be fun. Otherwise it's gonna be pretty inconvenient for some people depending on how long it takes to find the day care center.
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#16ShariadarowPosted 9/17/2013 5:42:30 PM
I really, really doubt this would happen. The design is fine as is for one, and two, it'd be difficult to come up with appropriate masculine names for Braixen and whatever it evolves into. As it is, Braixen means so many things at once, it'd be almost impossible to replicate that.