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Think of a real life animal (exclude insects)

#1LibranFirePosted 9/17/2013 8:49:55 PM

This pokemon replaces that animal in real life. What replaces what? How different is the world?

For me, Sewaddle replaces mountain lions... Well, hiking just got a lot safer...
#2NessEggmanPosted 9/17/2013 8:50:37 PM
Why exclude insects when you can get bug Pokemon from the generator ._.
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#3ssbmrocksPosted 9/17/2013 8:51:39 PM
Abra replaces penguins. Now they're REALLY elusive.
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#4Rayquaza_is_ZPosted 9/17/2013 8:51:47 PM
Damn it! A Cradily replaces tasmanian devils! No! The world would be so off-balance! Everyone would go into a chaotic frenzy and destroy everything. We would then all cease to exist. Goodbye world.
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#5Jands_STORMPosted 9/17/2013 8:52:12 PM
Kittys replaced by Umbreons. Well, I'm ok with that
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#6LibranFire(Topic Creator)Posted 9/17/2013 8:52:27 PM
NessEggman posted...
Why exclude insects when you can get bug Pokemon from the generator ._.

Because real life insects are too plentiful. Imagine if someone thought of ants and got Magcargo. I can't let someone doom us all like that!
#7WolfJouninPosted 9/17/2013 8:53:02 PM
A Delcatty replaced Rhinos. I love cats and have 2 so I am totally unbiased when I say... WE HAVE ENOUGH CATS!
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#8AlI_About_The_UPosted 9/17/2013 8:53:39 PM
Omanyte replaces the bottlenose dolphin.

Miami Omanytes. I would enjoy this a lot.
#9Sloth9230Posted 9/17/2013 8:55:38 PM
Pomeranian's get replaced by Eevee...Why was I thinking of pom... Wolfs get replaced by Eevee :D
#10SOLDIER_BankaiPosted 9/17/2013 8:56:34 PM
Magikarp replaces crows.