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Fennekin can use Wish

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3 years ago#11
gladwyn101 posted...
Could be Cosmic Power. Watch the animation here

No dude :/
Audino was shown on the VERY FIRST trailer using the exact same move, which is Wish. Do you wanna be cool?
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3 years ago#12
Good to know, but I don't think it will be too useful on it. Braixen especially doesn't look very tanky and if they keep the Gen 5 Wish mechanic, it won't be healing much without a high HP stat.
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3 years ago#13
mehmetski posted...
no one is interested in that new sound based fairy move sylveon uses?

That was moon blast >_>
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3 years ago#14
Bulbasaur can use Vine Whip.
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3 years ago#15
So it's a Red Mage.

neat :)
>Implying I don't actually know
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