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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#11
My Doll
When sent out, the user will instantly make a substitute, damaging themselves as always.

Toxin Cloud
When attacked, the Pokemon has a 40% chance to deflate, releasing a gas which will poison every non-Poison and non-Steel type on the field.

When hit by a Fire type move, the Pokemon's Ice Type and all it's Ice Type moves will become Water Type.
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User Info: Bobertbob

3 years ago#13

Pure Power for all stats and hyper beam esque moves don't need to recharge. Critical rate rises to 33%.
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User Info: FatReuniclus

3 years ago#15
FatReuniclus posted...
FatReuniclus posted...
FatReuniclus posted...
Power Flyer:
Your pokemon gets a 75% chance of ignoring Smackdown's secondary effect and Gravity
(take note that it has 75% chance each turn of ignoring it until Gravity wears off.)

Resistance or Weakness to a Not-very or Super-Effective move respectively, will be doubled. (2x=4x)

Ice Armor:
When frozen the user maximizes defense and minimizes speed. The user can move while frozen.

Dark Presence:
All pokemon will have slightly lowered accuracy until the user faints or is switched.

When going against an enemy that is Super-Effective to the user, they power up STAB moves.
(note:If the opponent is double-Super-Effective(4x), STAB moves will power up even more.)

Steel Foot:
Powers up "Kicking" moves, much like Iron Fist. (replaces Reckless for Hitmonlee)
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User Info: FatReuniclus

3 years ago#16
I wish I could edit my messages instead of quoting all the time... *sigh* oh! I'll remove the older versions of each post!
Edit: I just disocovered I can edit... oops..
I wish Reuniclus was my dad...

User Info: PoKeMoNsTrOsiTY

3 years ago#17
Critical Return

When damaged by a critical hit, your next attack will be a guaranteed critical hit as well should it land.

User Info: Nanabobo

3 years ago#18
Mind Meld
Restores HP if hit by a Psychic-type move.

Ghost Pull
Prevents all Pokemon from fleeing, even Ghost-types, but also attracts all Ghost-type moves.

Restores HP for each Pokemon in-play who is Infatuated.

Contact with the Pokémon may cause Bad Poison, but Pokemon is also weak to Bug-type moves.
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User Info: 1998_z

3 years ago#19
Tigo73 posted...

Physical Stabs ignore resistances or immunities.

I'd rather make it ignore resistances only. Too OP.

Penetrate - Special STABs ignore resistances.
Neutralize - When the Pokemon enters the battle, remove every stat boosts. Can only be activated once per battle.
Scapegoat - When the Pokemon is in battle, enemies will always attack this Pokemon.

Also I have an ability which makes sound-based attacks used has 50% chance to confuse opponents, but I can't seem to think a good name for it.
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User Info: Dictator_Rich

3 years ago#20
Trap Cleaner
All in battle traps (Stealth Rock, Spikes, etc) are removed upon this Pokemon being sent out.

Type Transformation
The opponent's type is randomly changed for 5 turns. If it's a duel type, both types are changed.
(Give this one to Mega Porygon Z if he exists)
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