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Who do you think would win in a pokemon battle

#1pokemonzeroPosted 9/18/2013 5:13:49 PM
Victini or Xerneus - Results (54 votes)
64.81% (35 votes)
35.19% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
In a real battle in X&Y(Both Level 100) who would win?
#2calender68Posted 9/18/2013 5:14:22 PM
Victini becuz fire
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#3Biased_GamerPosted 9/18/2013 5:19:32 PM
Victini b'cuz Victini.
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#4CakeOfLiesPosted 9/18/2013 5:21:49 PM
I don't know who this Xerneus fellow is, but I'm sure Victini would win.
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#5gladwyn101Posted 9/18/2013 5:29:08 PM
Victini. Victini has the V-WHEEEELLLL!!!
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#6SgtSagittariusPosted 9/18/2013 5:30:08 PM
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#717MasterPosted 9/18/2013 5:33:55 PM
I can't accurately answer that question without knowing the stats of Xerneas. However, STAB super effective V-Create likely means Victini only needs to get one hit in. Unless Xerneas packs mad bulk and and strong SE move to Victini, it gets Create'd all over.
#8pokemonzero(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2013 5:35:19 PM
SgtSagittarius posted...

Is that an internet face I have never seen or initials?
#9DragrathPosted 9/18/2013 5:40:47 PM
a STAB V-create will hurt a lot... sure we don't know Xerneus stats but an effectively 270 power move hurts ever thing w/out flash fire...(especially if we assume choice band and adamant nature even more so in sunlight (or less so in rain) so it could be more skewed if there was weather support in play ...)
#10tallgeeseIVPosted 9/18/2013 5:47:46 PM
CakeOfLies posted...
I don't know who this Xerneus fellow is, but I'm sure Victini would win.