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For PVE, Do you make your pokemons learn status attacks?

#21Doctor_SpankyPosted 9/19/2013 4:23:18 AM
Nah, when you're playing through the actual game you tend to run out of PP much faster with trainer battles and random encounters, it's more practical to do all attacks
#22DarkHeroRavenPosted 9/19/2013 5:23:25 AM
Nah, I save that stuff for PvP/Frontier-equivalent
#23Rogue MuttPosted 9/19/2013 5:31:18 AM
Usually not because they are completely unnecessary against computer trainers in the main game. I might bring Thunderwave if there is something specific I am trying to catch.
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#24MaplesGrandGMPosted 9/19/2013 5:38:40 AM
The only Pokemon that get any status moves, are ones used for catching. I like using Scyther to help my catching for the most part, Breloom too.
#25CedlowPosted 9/19/2013 5:45:44 AM
MegaMettaur posted...
Depends on the status. I almost always have WoW, and T.Wave in my party.

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#26TheMeteoDragoonPosted 9/19/2013 6:53:36 AM
Toxic is my main status Effect attack. But I mainly use it in combination with Leech Seed. For maximum Health Elimination. Otherwise I don't bother with Most status effects unless they come with an attack I.e. chance to paralyze, burn, sleep, freeze.
#27SuperRup91Posted 9/19/2013 6:57:56 AM
In game, i usually stick to stat boosting moves and attacks...I typically don't use moves like toxic, t-wave or leech seed since it drags already easy battles on for far too long.
#28Chaos_MissilePosted 9/19/2013 7:14:54 AM
Depending on the mon.

I had a Butterfree that knew Confusion/Psybeam, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder. Versatile, but difficult to use. Had a similar moveset with Beautifly in Pearl, but not in Ruby.

My Ampharos in HG knowns ThunderPunch(for those with strong SpDef), Discharge(to work of its high SpAtt), Signal Beam(for those immune to electric attacks) and ThunderWave(as a good backup)

My Poliwrath from HG knows Hypnosis. This works well because I usually can follow it up with a STAB Wake-Up Slap. Once I gather enough BP, I might change it for a more powerful Break Brick. This will enable me to get in up to 3 turns of STAB attacks.

I think I trained a Haunter once that knew the popular Hypnosis -> Dream Eater combo.

In my BlazeBlack run, my Crobat and Gengar knows Confuse Ray.

In LG, my Venusaur either PoisonPowder or Sleep Powder and Leech Seed.

Status moves in-game can generally work as a panic button. If you know you cant win a mon, you might as well hit it with a status effect to make sure your next mon has an advantage.
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