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Which Mega-Mewtwo do you prefer

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User Info: djayk85

3 years ago#1
Which Mega-Mewtwo do you prefer - Results (252 votes)
Mega-Mewtwo X
34.52% (87 votes)
Mega-Mewtwo Y
65.48% (165 votes)
This poll is now closed.
X -

Y -
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User Info: raikou68

3 years ago#2
Mewtxo, but i'm getting y..

Mewtyo i guess.
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User Info: djayk85

3 years ago#3
I've liked MewtwoY ever since I saw it.

MewtwoX seems too much like the Machop model with no thought what so ever
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User Info: WolfJounin

3 years ago#4
Frieza... I mean Mewtwo X.
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
3 years ago#5
MewtwoX looks so freaking weird and ugly... why are it's legs so long and it's tail so "stiff" and short? It looks really stupid and unproportional.

And I already liked MewtwoY since a day after it's reveal.
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User Info: SackBoi

3 years ago#6
Kind of weird how things work... when Mega Mewtwo X was first revealed someone made a topic and it was the legit opposite 66%/33% for Mega Mewtwo X.

I personally want Y.
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 years ago#7
Y. - My Backloggery
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User Info: MegaDuran

3 years ago#8
Non-Mega and Y cause they look best so far.
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User Info: GL10

3 years ago#9
Y, no contest.
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User Info: bradvd

3 years ago#10
I like Y more but I'm getting X. Soooo yeah
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