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What type do you want to see get new dual-type combos the most?

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3 years ago#41
yeah fire/water would be great XD
Ice/Steel or Poison/Steel for me ^^
3 years ago#42
Slide2Kx posted...
Anything mixed with Fairy sounds nice to me. Except normal-type. Fire/Fairy-type sounds really awesome.

Too late for you; Jigglypuff is Normal/Fairy.
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3 years ago#43
Ice/Fire mainly because it is quite interesting in that it is a perfect example of antipode harmony.
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3 years ago#44
I'd like to see Psychic/Bug, Water/Fire, and a good Dark/Psychic type.
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3 years ago#45
I want to see a Dragon/Fighting type personally.

Give it the moves Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Aura Sphere and Sky Uppercut
3 years ago#46
I wish we got a Bug/Dragon type, although with the new Fairy type that seems a lot worse then it should.
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3 years ago#47
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3 years ago#48
I'd love to see Fairy type paired with all other typings except Normal, but what I want the most is Water/Fairy which isn't Azumarill.
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3 years ago#49

Any of the above and I'm completely sold. Also, Mismagius for Ghost/Fairy. -- Fakemons and other stuff
3 years ago#50
Searching for All-ice
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