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What was your first ____?

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3 years ago#151
none. Never got a pokemon to level 99, and I may never.
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3 years ago#152
- Squirtle
- probably Zapdos
- none, unless you count Missingno-glitched/rare-candied ones (and i forget which one was first, probably Missingno itself)
3 years ago#153
- Starter? - Pikachu (Pokémon Yellow was my first Pokémon game and my first GB game)
- Legendary? - Zapdos, I think.
- Level 100? - While cheating: I don't remember. Without cheating: None
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3 years ago#154
Zapdos, probably.
Mewtwo, I think.
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3 years ago#155
Ho-oh (not 100% sure)
Blastoise (got a squirtle from pokemon Yellow)
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3 years ago#156
3 years ago#157
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3 years ago#158
Main Site:
3 years ago#159
Starter: Pikachu
Legendary: Either Articuno or Zapdos (forgot which one)
Lvl 100: Pikachu
EV Trained: Treecko
Random Shiny: Poochyena
Elite 4 team: Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Dugtrio, Butterfree
3 years ago#160
Starter: Squirtle
Legendary: Zapdos
Lv.100: Can't recall which one, but it was either Blastoise or Raichu.
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