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Animal Crossing based catch quotes

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User Info: RoccoRed

3 years ago#1
Basically, like the text bubble that makes a pun or joke when you catch a fish/bug. So, make an Animal Crossing based quote for certain Pokemon.

For Example:

I caught a Horsea!
A horse, see?
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User Info: kingtrace

3 years ago#2
I caught a Zweilous!

I guess two heads aren't better than one!
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User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#3
I caught a Bidoof!
More like Biderp.
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User Info: calender68

3 years ago#4
I caught a Magikarp!

Not you again!
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User Info: RoccoRed

3 years ago#5
I caught a Bulbasaur!

Saur is bulbous!
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User Info: BornInLondon

3 years ago#6
I caught a Dragonite!

Bad day, huh?
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User Info: RoccoRed

3 years ago#7
I caught a Dratini!

Doesn't seem so tini.
PSN: Omagiri_Dragon

User Info: E-25

3 years ago#8
I just caught a Dialga.

About time!
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User Info: NintendoFan2000

3 years ago#9
I caught a Jigglypuff!

That's music to my zzz....
I'd put a quip here, but I'm not hilarious enough.

User Info: LuffyStrawhat

3 years ago#10
I've caught a Pikachu.

I've caught a Pikachu.
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