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Dark/Bug type

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3 years ago#12
javel34 posted...

Kricketune's evolved form, Kricketreble. It has an enormous, flowing mustache and its cry is the solo from Through the Fire and the Flames. The entire thing.
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3 years ago#13
A Bed Bug maybe?
3 years ago#14
3 years ago#15
Female Mosquito.

Ability would be something that drains hp from biting moves. Then it has Bug Bite and Crunch...
3 years ago#16
KillerMechanoid posted...
Female Mosquito.

This. This all over.
3 years ago#17
Should of been a Pinsir evolve form back in Gen 2 with Scyther.
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3 years ago#18
Cockroach probably if they were to make it. I Petition to get Digimon: Redigitize localized. Sign if you want it to come stateside
3 years ago#19

its german name is "totenkopfschwärmer" wchich would literally translate to "skullswarmer"
i always thought this might be a candidate
Xerneas, the gay-pride Pokemon
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3 years ago#20
Why does everyone think something having a dark type has to be a ninja or assassin?
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