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what type combo would you give a pokemon based of this creature?

#21CakeOfLiesPosted 9/23/2013 8:24:47 PM
BottledPoe posted...
It's really cute.

I'd guess Bug/Fairy.

I agree.

I'd name it Fuzzy (Fluffy is taken).
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#22White_QueenPosted 9/23/2013 8:28:52 PM
#23FryDays5000Posted 9/23/2013 8:31:17 PM
Its a Poodle Moth. Take the name literal and the typing would make sense
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#24niklnipPosted 9/23/2013 8:32:07 PM
CakeOfLies posted...
What the heck is that!?!

It's a species of moth
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#25KillerMechanoidPosted 9/23/2013 8:51:45 PM
Bug/Dark or Bug/Ghost (that isn't gimmicky)?

I'd prefer Bug/Ice to be a Weta Cricket.
#26yoshidude56Posted 9/25/2013 8:50:46 PM
Bug/Normal with Furfrou's ability.
#27RPGgamer777Posted 9/25/2013 8:53:45 PM

wtf xD
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#28TehKrimboElfPosted 9/25/2013 9:00:18 PM
BottledPoe posted...
It's really cute.

I'd guess Bug/Fairy.

yeah, this. I love poodle Moths.
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#29ZTIger5Posted 9/25/2013 9:01:50 PM
Bug/Fairy or Bug/Dark, probably. Anything but Bug/Flying. Seriously, we have more than enough sub-par Bug/Flying-types.
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#30WobbuffetGodPosted 9/25/2013 9:02:08 PM

If you can make a Turtle fire and a Squirrel Electric, you can make any animal any typing.

Except Bugs... bugs are always Bug. But the secondary type could be absolutely anything. So I say Grass.