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How come Arceus is banned?
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PokemonFan1294118/30 4:05AM
Does anyone else think Body Slam should do damage depending on weight/size?
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Bat178128/30 3:19AM
LF pokeball vivillion of other languagesJpnmomo128/30 3:10AM
C/D Pokemon Z should be made for the new 3ds model
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Can the 15th anniversary Rayquaza be shiny?bash67818/30 2:08AM
Is there any reason to buy Pokemon White with White 2 or will White 2 suffice? (Closed)Ultimarok38/30 1:29AM
How about this mechanic (always bothered me that it didn't exist)
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ThornAernought168/30 1:22AM
What pokemon has the most powerful focus punch?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bearacudda98208/30 1:02AM
Gen 7 should really add Alien Types
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
hodelino518/30 1:01AM
breeding and breloom with technician...A_Noble_Kaz58/30 12:08AM
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Easiest way to get competitive Pokemon ?FunnyLoser88/29 11:03PM
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Can you get the Supreme Honor Pokepuff more than once?EmmatheBest78/29 10:37PM
LF lv 21-30 Dittoprouverre28/29 10:31PM
Hi I'm a girl and my favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir =^_^= (Closed)
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PokemonFan1294888/29 10:29PM
Rate my team?ToborTheRobot88/29 10:13PM