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Do Smogon bashers realize you can play VGC on Showdown?
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When was the moment you realized your favorite pokemon was amazing?
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Rank the starters by Generation
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I need help guys <3 (Closed)
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Fairy Aura is inferior in every way to Pixilate right?
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Submarry concept artGangstaLizard9577/23 4:39PM
The reason Volcanion will not be released for X and Y
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CubeTheLwNoob187/23 4:27PM
It amazes me how this board manages to stay at the top of GameFAQs' topics...
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MissCarriage167/23 4:24PM
I was listening to Black Sabbath, and I let my Aurorus have a listen
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iKhanic267/23 4:23PM
Is swampert any good?
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the_van_kid167/23 3:25PM
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So, what do you think the future will bring?
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BluntGrunt227/23 2:24PM