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Charizard is awesome

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User Info: Garr-

3 years ago#1
I don't care if he's not a dragon, and I don't care if the rocks hurt him so much, I still love him.

Say what you want. Charizard is just amazing. You all are just jealous that your favorites aren't so loved.

User Info: SgtCashmere

3 years ago#2
Yes! Charizard rocks. :)

User Info: MikeAtTheSource

3 years ago#3

I use him on my customized dragon team :) but the shiny version! Go Darkizard!

User Info: jneal57

3 years ago#4
SgtCashmere posted...
Yes! Charizard rocks. :)

no he doesn't. if he did he would die
Go show your support for Keiji Inafune's (this is the guy behind megaman) new project Mighty No. 9

User Info: maginoitaki

3 years ago#5
Charizard was my first pokemon. A need a new one, I have a few starters and some legends to trade
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