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Is anyone here excited for Pokemon

#1FeelsGoodManPosted 9/26/2013 3:29:41 PM
Is anyone here excited for Pokemon X
feels good man
#2MidnightCrewPosted 9/26/2013 3:30:54 PM
No, not one of us.
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#3calender68Posted 9/26/2013 3:31:08 PM
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#4P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 9/26/2013 3:31:51 PM
No. Pokemon's for children, and hasn't been good since Gold and Sivler
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#5MoonLightCloudPosted 9/26/2013 3:32:04 PM
I don't even know why this game is coming out.
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#6Kinneth123Posted 9/26/2013 3:32:16 PM
Not a single one of us.

Why would we, when we have Diamond and Pearl to trudge through?
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#7FeelsGoodMan(Topic Creator)Posted 9/26/2013 3:32:26 PM
is hey You Pikachu in this?
feels good man
#8raikou68Posted 9/26/2013 3:32:30 PM
Nah man pokemon is lame.
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#9Flame552Posted 9/26/2013 3:32:42 PM
Has anyone here heard about that hip new Digimon game coming out?
#10acerola-orionPosted 9/26/2013 3:32:43 PM
i'm excited i hope it's going to be a good game