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Favorite Generation I Starter

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User Info: pyrotempestwing

3 years ago#21
Since I'm getting both, it's complicated.

Y: Bulbasuar
X: Squirtle
X 2nd run: Charmander

My favorite is Bulbasaur, and Y is my main file. But I'll have 'em all eventually.
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Yeah, I'm a crossplayer. Deal with it.

User Info: Rachni

3 years ago#22
FantasyFreak999 posted...
Bulbasaur has always been my favorite, and I'll always pick it when available. :)

Same here. Bulbasaur was my first pick from games prior and I was a big fan of Bulbasaur during the TV show. I can't see anyone taking his place as Generation one starter. The only gym I felt bad that I could not use him was at Cinnabar Island, against Blaine's Fire Types. He was great handling everyone else though.
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