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We probably already have the Japanese names of the Starters 2nd evolution

#21MeepleLardiclePosted 9/28/2013 5:55:28 AM
mehmetski posted...
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Horubii & Jigarude

Horubii and Jigarude could be connected through evolution. We still believe that Horubii to be some sort of digging bee, and the new idea for Jigarude backs that up. In Japan there’s a wasp know as a jigabachi: the red-banded sand wasp. The red-banded sand and the digger wasp (which we believe Horubii is based-off) are also part of the same family.

horubii is bunnelby -.-

This leak was made back in July. Bunnelby was revealed in August.

The guys posting this info merely got the names and had absolutely nothing else. They're just speculating what the Pokemon in question is based off of the name. Cut them some slack.

Further evidence, check Chespin's 1st stage evo. They openly state "we thought it was an Ice Wolf" but then explain after examining it closer, they came to a conclusion fitting Quilladin better. They're going off Japanese names and trying to use clues of the name to figure out the Pokemon.
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