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Dark type gym or Fairy type gym?

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2 years ago#11
Dark type was added in gen 2, didn't get one until at least gen 6, or maybe later.

Therefore it's only fair that Fairy type have to wait until Gen 10+ for a gym.
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2 years ago#12
Dark type for sure. Fairy can be one of the Elite 4.
2 years ago#13
If Fairy doesn't get a gym, it'll probably get an elite four rep like Dark got Karin (err... Karen) in Gen 2.
2 years ago#14
Dark type Gym since we've never had one and a Fairy E4 member or champion would be more interesting.
2 years ago#15
Maybe they will have an abandoned Dark gym and the new Fairy gym that tonked them in the same city, just like Sabrina did in Saffron City.

2 years ago#16
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2 years ago#17
I would pick both, but if that isn't an option then Dark. 3 (or 4) Generations, 3 E4 members, 0 Gym Leader rep. Fairy hasn't even got started, so either an E4 member or gym leader would do.
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