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Does Anyone not think Grass/Steel, Fire/Fairy, Water/Poison would be cooler?

#21jayman7Posted 9/28/2013 1:05:59 PM
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If i remember correcly...didnt chimchar grow up to slay piplup with his fighting advantage over steel,

Thus doing 3x damage

and didnt torterra destroy infernape with his ground moves,

Thus doing 3x damage

but poor piplup got no advantages over turtwig in his final form. The starters dont need a reverse triangle.

Yeah, poor Empoleon got no way to do 3x damage to Torterra! He had to settle with a mere 4x!

It's just a 2x damage for supereffective, not 3x...

STAB is 1.5x. STAB + weakness multiplies the factors and is 3x.

Infernape using a Fighting move on Empoleon hits STAB + weakness. Thus, it deals 3x damage. Same if Torterra uses a Ground move on Infernape.

Empoleon doesn't get a STAB move to use on Torterra, but Torterra has a double weakness that Empoleon can exploit, thus 2x2x, to do 4x damage.
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