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Which Pokemon deserves Quiver Dance?

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3 years ago#1
Which Pokemon deserves Quiver Dance? - Results (108 votes)
13.89% (15 votes)
38.89% (42 votes)
9.26% (10 votes)
14.81% (16 votes)
0.93% (1 votes)
10.19% (11 votes)
0.93% (1 votes)
11.11% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This move really needs to be more widespread. The choices above were just off the top of my head. The grass types selected being similar to Lilligant. Flygon for being insect-like and needing a much appreciated boost (it also lacks Dragon Dance).
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3 years ago#2
Flygon for me, with Roserade being close behind. All those others? Don't care.
3 years ago#3
I could see Bellossom, Flygon, and maybe Meloetta having it.
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3 years ago#4
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3 years ago#5
Flygon would benefit more from Dragon Dance. Roserade could really use Quiver Damce IMO
3 years ago#6
Eh, a lot of people say Flygon needs Quiver Dance... But I disagree. Now don't get me wrong, I *love* Flygon (4th favorite Pokemon,) but I think Quiver Dance is wasting its natural potential as a physical attacker. What Flygon REALLY needs is a powerful Mega Evolution.
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3 years ago#7
I'd love Ludicolo to get it. Swift Swim + Quiver Dance would be hilarious.
3 years ago#8
Beedrill deserves a quiver dance boost as an ability that activates when switching in. And even then.... well he's certainly one of the ones that need it the most. Edit- oh but yeah, as an attack boost maybe instead of sp.att. :p
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3 years ago#9
Lumineon needs everything it can get...
3 years ago#10
Hydreigon. He really needs it to stand out at this point, and he can already use U-Turn. He's even got 3 pairs of wings.
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