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Will this board become NO.1 on the 12th?

#21purplephazedPosted 9/30/2013 12:04:22 AM
Hierarchy225 posted...
Yes. This game/board will last longer due to stuff like shineys, trading, competitive, etc.

What does GTA V have after you beat the campaign? Some 2 dimensional multiplayer? Lel.

gtav multiplayer is probably the most anticipated aspect about the game. no one really gets around to finishing singleplayer anyway. but seeing as gtav online is adding its own content creator, an additional 500 missions, mp game types (which include racing, ctf, heist, etc), character creator, jobs, and even sports so you and your friends can play some tiger woods, I'd expect the game to last a good while.

not trying to put down pokemon–I chose to buy a 3ds xl and a copy of x–but you have to admit that gtav is a really content heavy game and it makes pokemon look slim in comparison(doesn't change the fact that it's apples and oranges though).