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You get a copy early. Do you leak?

#81Twilight_SonataPosted 9/30/2013 11:33:23 AM
YamiJustin posted...
Explain how a leak would matter?

We'd get more information to give us more to talk about and/or get us more hyped.
#82DarkHeroRavenPosted 9/30/2013 11:58:18 AM
Nope, I would not want to get sued/arrested/whatever and would focus on enjoying the game and writing up my review (assuming review copy)
#83Twilight_SonataPosted 9/30/2013 11:59:58 AM
DarkHeroRaven posted...
I would not want to get sued/arrested/whatever

You couldn't be, at least not if you obtained your copy legally and didn't sign any NDA.
#84AlavardPosted 9/30/2013 12:04:48 PM
No, because nobody would believe me anyway.
#85SpikeTbearPosted 9/30/2013 12:14:52 PM
Missingno_Mastr posted...
I gotta ask- why can't we say "***hole" on here? We can say "ass", and we can say "hole"... And everyone who's been using that word, why censor out "hole"? Wouldn't "ass" be considered the more offensive part of the word?

On topic: You bet your ass I'd leak stuff! I'd be smart about it, though, to avoid trouble with Nintendo.

It's like that on TV, too. They can say "ass." They can say "hole." But if they say them together, the word "hole" gets bleeped. It's hilarious.
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