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anybody else thinking of not getting fennekin?

#21flingeltinglePosted 9/30/2013 4:05:01 PM
I am going with Froakie, but that's primarily because I usually go with Water Starters. I like Fennekin, but Fire is usually so frail early game. That, and I love the possibility of Greninja being his final evolution.
#22Thepenguinking2Posted 9/30/2013 4:06:42 PM
WTFNightmare posted...
Fennekin looks ugly. First fire starter i don`t like besides blaziken

Added to potential list of people that like Emboar and must be eaten by my shiny salamence.
ITT: I was going to get him, but then I found a trend in my starter picks and went for Chespin. I'll get the fire starter in gen 7 most likely.
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