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Greninja move set up what yal think

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3 years ago#1
Double team
water shuriken
faint attack
3 years ago#2
Seems like he is meant to be a special attacker honestly. You could go physical, but you will lose out on dmg potential.
3 years ago#3
well his signature attack water shuriken is phyical and also his leak stats had a sp.attk benefitial nature so i think hes mixed speedy sweeper. I was going for hard to hit then and hit them hard.
3 years ago#4
That will work in game. And I wish Greninja was a Physical attacker. But I don't see it happening. I'll assume that he'll end up with Scald and some combination.

What I would want my Dream Greninja to have is:

+ATK nature - SP. ATK Nature to make him that mixed sweeper.
Water Shuriken
Foul Play
<Insert Fighting Type Move>

It covers his weakness to Psychic, Foul Play gets the boost from Swagger & STAB, add in Priority Water Shuriken and he's good to go. In game and regular battles. Not so much for super competitive Smogon and Showdown battles. But I'd go on Nintendo Wi-Fi and see what he can do.
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3 years ago#5
u know he is water/dark not water/fighting right?
3 years ago#6
zero67501 posted...
u know he is water/dark not water/fighting right?

and that aerial ace covers his weakness to grass/fighting (chesnaught)
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3 years ago#7
yea 4x and since he is the fastest starter makes it even easier lol
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