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So here we are still waiting... while Canada and Italy has all the fun

#11TheDecepticonsPosted 10/4/2013 6:31:02 PM
As far as im concerned, you can probably count the Canadian one as a single store location. And just so no one bothers... the place was NOT a Gamestop or any other largely franchised store.
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#12k20adamPosted 10/4/2013 6:31:50 PM
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#13darkdragon88Posted 10/4/2013 6:32:16 PM
Not every single store in Canada and Italy have leaked the game btw. This is a very small incident from just a few stores.
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#14ayashiboiPosted 10/4/2013 6:36:35 PM
As a Canadian...

Sorry :/...
#15puny_rikkuPosted 10/5/2013 8:11:02 PM
it is not in any stores in Canada Ontario..
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