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how do you go from 2 swords to 1 sword and shield?

#11GolurkcanflyPosted 10/5/2013 7:01:29 AM
Justwanttolook posted...
Once upon a time, a Doublade went to a smith. Curiously enough, one of the Doublade was knocked out. When smith asked why one of them was out cold, the conscious Doublade said
"I don't like this guy! He is always stealing all the chicks from me! Can't you do something?"
The smith scratched his mighty beard and then came up with an Idea!

1 Day later the smith gave the solo Doublade a Shield. "Now, he won't even be able to say his name" said the smith. The Doublade took the Shield and said: "Excellent! Now I shall need new name celebrate my Life as a new and improved Pokemon! I choose the name "Aegislash". Shall my enemies tremble in Fear as their no defense I can't penetrate now!"

Soon, other Doublade heard of our reckless Knight, and followed it's Example for no Doublade
actually likes the other!

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