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I hate Swampert, it is so ugly.

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2 years ago#1
-everytime I use Mudkip, I always keep it a Marshtomp.
- Competitively I always use Quagsire, Whiscash, Gastrodon, and eviolite Marshtomp over Swampert as I will never use it. If I have to use one I let it faint. (I hate the Tympole line even more so make sure to never use it outside pokedex)
-to complete the pokedex I ALWAYS trade for a Swampert and trade back or release
-If Swampertite exists, I will ALWAYS toss it
-Sceptile and Blaziken lines are far much better designs
-In RSE when I pick Mudkip, it becomes an HM slave and replace it with Walrein, Wailord, or Milotic. Only twice have I picked Mudkip as the many playthroughs always go with Torchic/Treecko (if you're wondering, I never found Feebas in any Mudkip playthrough)

If Delphox gets this horrible treatment, then I should treat Swampert exactly the same.
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2 years ago#2
people seem to forget that this game series is called "Pocket Monsters".
2 years ago#3
Thank you for letting us know about your opinion.
2 years ago#4
Are people seriously hating on the Fennekin line this much? It had so much potential when they revealed the starters all those months ago...
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2 years ago#5
I hate all of the Gen III starters, they are so ugly. :p
2 years ago#6
So in other words, you liek Mudkipz.
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2 years ago#7
Calls Swampert ugly, is fine with Marshtomp.

Does not compute...
2 years ago#8
bluesalt posted...
people seem to forget that this game series is called "Pocket Monsters".

Agreed, it's hilarious how many forget that little detail.
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2 years ago#9
I honestly don't like Swampert either, but just because Delphox is getting flak right now doesn't mean you should do this too.

Here's the thing. This is actually natural that people do this. Every generation is same old cycle. If and when there would be a generation 7, some Pokémon will picked on because of looks, if it's based on an inanimate object, or what have you. This whole thing is nothing new. So, I don't think making fun of Swampert is going to help the issue.
2 years ago#10
Really? I think Mudkip and Marshtomp are ugly, but Swampert is glorious.

Swampert> Sceptile> Blaziken
Grovyle> Combuskin> Marshtomp
Treeko> Mudkip> Torchic
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