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Gen 6: Starter Poll

#1dillpickle69Posted 10/5/2013 10:11:05 AM
Which Starter will you pick? - Results (153 votes)
33.99% (52 votes)
43.14% (66 votes)
22.88% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Last starter poll, Now that they've all been leaked, most people should have made their choice by now.
#2LotrMorgothPosted 10/5/2013 10:11:59 AM
i think i have finally set my mind on no starter

i will use blastoise as my team capt due to being blinded by nostalgia
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#3ShariadarowPosted 10/5/2013 10:17:17 AM
Still Fennekin despite Delphox. If I end up hating it enough I'll stick with Braixen, I think competitive battling in Pokemon is a joke anyway, so it's not like it'll matter much for the main game.
#4ShinyToyPaladinPosted 10/5/2013 10:17:56 AM
#5JustwanttolookPosted 10/5/2013 10:19:27 AM
If I only got 10 bucks for every poll like this...if only...
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#6HeliotropePosted 10/5/2013 10:35:21 AM
I'm picking Fennekin in at least one of my games. I haven't decided on my second starter yet though.
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#7emeraldfox_09Posted 10/5/2013 10:37:41 AM
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Bianca <3. I like Shauntal too.
#8NinjaKitsunePosted 10/5/2013 11:02:08 AM
Fennekin. Been decided on that since it was first revealed, and I'm one of the apparent minority that actually likes delphox's design.
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#9zeroflamecutterPosted 10/5/2013 11:05:08 AM
I WANTED to pick Finnekin, but Delphox's design made me so disgusted that I don't think it's worth picking first. So, I guess i'll be going with Froakie...

On my second playthrough, i'll probably pick Finnekin and then give it an everstone once it hits its second stage. I LOVED its second stage; I thought the design was cool, and I loved how she used a wand.
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#10d_charizardPosted 10/5/2013 11:10:11 AM
I've always wanted to pick Chespin, and despite worrying when I saw Quilladin (I hate how it looks, especially the Sugimori art), Chesnaut is also coincidentally my favourite fully-evolved one, so I'm definitely happy with my decision.