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Should i play black/white (1 or 2) before x/y?

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3 years ago#1
I know the stories don't carry over. Should i skip a generation? seeing that there's a lot of improvements for x/y?

3 years ago#2
Well you should probably play at least one of those games so you can trade stuff over to X and Y
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3 years ago#3
Just get X/Y. White/Black would just make you a little tired of Pokemon before playing X/Y, which serves no purpose...
3 years ago#4
You should play them because they're fantastic games.
3 years ago#5
Eh, it shouldn't really matter if you skip B/W, IMO, they weren't even that great to begin with, and even if they were, there's no need to play them.
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3 years ago#6
I heard that we need to buy an app for $4.99/year called pokemon bank to transfer stuff. Last time i played two pokemon games in a row i got bored and never finished the second. So, i might just play x/y then.

Thanks for the responses
3 years ago#7
Personally, I'm waiting to finish X and Y before I revisit fifth gen (from which I've only played Black 1). Once I figure out exactly how many Pokemon I can get out of X and Y, I'll map out which games will be necessary to complete the Dex.
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