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question bout torchic

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3 years ago#1
how does the who torchic distribution work? Like does it has a set nature or is random? and its just a one time deal or a new torchic for each new game?
3 years ago#2
Randomized nature.

It's limited to one per save file.

Meaning, you download it, recieve it, trade it and can then repeat the process every time you restart your game within the time it's available.
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3 years ago#3
ah so I can reset the game if I dont like Torchic's nature to get a slighty more apprioate nature. Its one my pet peeves that the pokemon has a nature that suits it
3 years ago#4
Yes, you can reset it. If you hold down L, R, plus Start and Select on Gen V games, it Soft Resets (sends you back to title screen without starting a whole new game).

The game should automatically save when Torchic is downloaded, meaning if you don't like anything about it when it's given to you, just Soft Reset and try again.
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3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
thanks again i usually do that every time i decide add another member to my team save before catching it and reseting if its nature doesnt work for my plans for it.
3 years ago#7
one more thing will torchic be given at the start or later in story
3 years ago#8
The Event will be available from some time in December to sometime in January I believe.

You should be able to download it almost immediately, but you might need the PokeDex or the first Badge before you can do so.

After its downloaded, you should be able to receive it from any Pokemon Center, from a man who in Gen V stood to the left upon walking in.

That last one may have changed a tad, it could be a female, and she could be on the top or bottom floor this time. As nobody has downloaded an event yet in X or Y, we cannot be certain of where they stand and what they look like, but it shouldn't be a drastic change.
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3 years ago#9
Here you go :
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3 years ago#10
thank yal all now I can put Blaziken on my team my current set was vulnerable to ice and Blaziken is a good ice counter
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