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theres no way theres only gonna be 70 pokemon

#11fddsfsasf(Topic Creator)Posted 10/5/2013 8:31:32 PM
haha wow. you actually believe that leak? Really.

whatever. I'm gonna' enjoy my $20!

yeah, like you'll actually follow through this. besides we're totally getting 100+

what makes you think we won't get 100+? that's right. nothing. cause you're a troll.

just a troll rehasing old leaks that we already know are false. nothing to see here.

wow. good one genwunner?? only 70 new pokemon. yeah okay. the door is right there.

this guy is really stupid enough to bet 1000s of dollars on a stupid leak? wow.

that leaks was totally false. only an idiot or troll would believe it. oh wait...