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havent played pokemon seriously since fire red/leaf green

#1XNo_FearXPosted 10/6/2013 7:02:06 AM
And technically those are remakes. You think I'll love pokemon again after playing every main handheld pokemon game before leaf green/fire red?

Also I played black but I kinda lost interest
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#2SirPikachuPosted 10/6/2013 7:05:07 AM
X and Y look extremely promising as the best gens ever. Also a lot of people like you are coming back to Pokémon this gen.
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#3Lord_VishanaPosted 10/6/2013 7:05:07 AM
This entry has made drastic changes in regards to aesthetic and fundamental gameplay mechanics. I think that it's the perfect entry to reacclimate yourself to the series. :-)
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#4LotrMorgothPosted 10/6/2013 7:06:04 AM
i missed the last two gens and i am very hyped for this gen

am actually having a hard time narrowing my team to final six due to number of cool pokemon added + GF playing to my nostalgia with older pokemon
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