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Anyone feel like the 3rd version will add more new Pokemon?

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User Info: Bogmire216

3 years ago#21
Metaun posted...
Hejiru posted...
Pale_Heart posted...
They never add new Pokemon in the past, just new/alternate forms.

They will never make sequels; every pair will have a third version
They will never make dual-type moves, that's too complicated
They will never make a new type, the chart is fine as it is
They will never make a legendary who breeds, that's just impossible
They will never make a gen without a legendary trio, it's tradition
They will never make a god Pokemon, that's just fandom nonsense
They will never make a movie about a non-legendary, that's ridiculous

Face it, Game Freak does new things and breaks the formula all the time. What basis do we have for saying that there can't be new Pokemon mid-generation?

But there is a trio in every one though...

trio as in a 580 BST trio. birds, beasts, regis, pixies, genies. We don't have one of those this gen.
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User Info: Fatboy2020

3 years ago#22
I assume there will be more Megas. I wouldn't be shocked if the covers of the next game are mega Xerneas and mega yveltal.
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User Info: Haku125

3 years ago#23
Of course not. They didn't do that with platinum and they had almost the same amount of Pokemon
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User Info: hawkleberryfin

3 years ago#24
Therell be some cool new Megas, maybe missing older gen pokes(I am assuming XY dont have EVERY pokemon, but its just a guess). But I cant see them adding whole new ones that arnt already in the code for XY somewhere...

User Info: Spikaya

3 years ago#25
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  3. Anyone feel like the 3rd version will add more new Pokemon?

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