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List your likes and dislikes this generation.

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User Info: wheeling_gamer

3 years ago#21
-graphics are awesome
-huge regional dex
-updated cries
-Pokémon bank
-3DS screen cleaner with strategy guide (that might not count, but I'm putting it here)

-low number of new Pokémon (from what we know)
-a lot of extras from the previous games taken out (like metal system, Join Avenue, the Challenges, and difficulty levels)
-paying to transfer and waiting until December
-romance option (it just seems out of place in the series)
-the music (from what I've heard so far)
-inability to transfer items
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3 years ago#22
just gonna name my dislikes..

-no Dragon Eevee.. this was the perfect gen for it
-could have added types we don't have instead of adding types we have tons of
-Fairy pkmn are pretty much all pink and girly themed..

User Info: Twilight_Sonata

3 years ago#23
wheeling_gamer posted...
romance option

Is this actually true? Because I couldn't tell last night whether it was just a silly rumor or not. If it is true, are we required to be straight? Because that would be awful.

User Info: stfn12345

3 years ago#24
-Everything we've seen so far.

-That everything we've seen so far is basically everything (as far as Pokemon is concerned).

User Info: 91UKGamer

3 years ago#25
- Super Training
- Getting a second starter
- 3D models of all Pokemon
- You can customize your character
- The new Pokemon
- Tons of old Pokemon
- Rideable Pokemon
- and more...

- It appears there is more HM use to progress compared to Gen V
- People who got the games early

That's about it.
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User Info: Eliminathan

3 years ago#26

-A lion that isn't a legendary or luxray
-Finally getting a leafy sea dragon instead of a weedy sea dragon like Kingdra.
-A fox themed starter
-Customization finally
-The 10 second PR videos aaah
-EXP all
-Horde battles
-We can /ride pokemon/
-3 /decent/ finally evolved starters


-The number of new pokemon majorly decreasing
-MegaEvolutions for the most part for some reason
-Litleo isn't a manticore
-Pyroar is Fire/Normal
-Bergmite isn't an ice rhino/ceratopsian
-Ninetales still isn't a Fire/Ghost (or at least Fire/Dark, Fire/Psychic or Fire/Fairy)
-Dedenne existing (Enough with the pikachus.)
-You still can't have your favourite Pokemon walk behind you around town.
-No new moth
-No new interesting bug type (based on my opinion)
-3 relatively subpar prevo starters
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