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When the dex is completed, would anyone make a list of unavailable Pokemon?

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  3. When the dex is completed, would anyone make a list of unavailable Pokemon?
2 years ago#1

The man who will steal your candles.
Official Omoikane of the SMT IV board.
2 years ago#2
Here's what isn't on the Kalos dex, so far. There were still some blank spaces when I did the list. Some of the pokemon on this list can/probably will be available post elite 4 (Mewtwo and such)

Rattata Line
Spearow Line
Vulpix Line
Paras Line
Venonat Line
Meowth Line
Mankey Line
Growlithe Line
Drowzee Line
Krabby Line
Voltorb Line
Lickitung Line
Koffing Line
Tangela Line
Porygon Line
Omanyte Line
Kabuto Line
Legendary Birds
Dratini Line
G/S Starters
Cleffa Line
Togepi Line
Natu Line
Aipom Line
Sunkern Line
Misdreavus Line
Pineco Line
Phanpy Line
Tyogre Line
Elekid Line
Magby Line
Legendary Dogs
R/S Starters
Wurmple Lines
Seedot Line
Taillow Line
Shroomish Line
Slakoth Line
Aron Line
Numel Line
Cacnea Line
Baltoy Line
Lileep Line
Anorith Line
Feebas Line
Duskull Line
Snorunt Line
Spheal Line
Clamperl Line
Beldum Line
All R/S Legends
All D/P Starters
Starly Line
Kricketot Line
Shinx Line
Cranidos Line
Shieldon Line
Cherubi Line
Shellos Line
Buneary Line
Glameow Line
Stunky Line
Bronzor Line
Bonsly Line
Happiny Line
Finneon Line
All D/P Legends
All B/W Starters
Lillipup Line
Munna Line
Pidove Line
Blitzle Line
Drilbur Line
Tympole Line
Sewaddle Line
Cottonee Line
Petitil Line
Darumaka Line
Yamask Line
Tirtouga Line
Archen Line
Minccino Line
Deerling Line
Frillish Line
Klink Line
Tynamo Line
Elgyem Line
Rufflet Line
Vullaby Line
Deino Line
Larvesta Line
All B/W Legends
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  3. When the dex is completed, would anyone make a list of unavailable Pokemon?

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