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Hardest 8th Gym Leader?

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3 years ago#11
Giovanni's easy, Clair's a *****, Blue can catch you off guard if you're unaware of the level spike but is otherwise manageable, Wallace and Juan aren't too bad but have a few strong Pokemon, Everything from Volkner onwards is a pushover.
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3 years ago#12
My Sceptile destroyed Wallace and Juan they were by far the easiest.
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3 years ago#13
Uh...none of the above?

Giovanni gets sweeped by a Water type
Wallace and Juan by an Elec type
Volkner by EQ (helps that Gen IV starters are pretty powerful: Infernape and Empoleon FTW?
Iris by EQ
Clair was tedious only because Kingdra had very little weaknesses
lolMarlon. Challenge Mode Drayden was far harder.
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3 years ago#14
most of them were so forgettable i dont even remember.
3 years ago#15
Definitely Wallace or Juan. Whichever one had the Double-Team fetish.
3 years ago#16
Claire's Kingdra was something else. It didn't help that you had to push through two dragonairs first. I think I was slightly under leveled as well.
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3 years ago#17
didn't even look over the options and immediately voted claire. man did i ever hate that battle
3 years ago#18
The one in gen 2 with Helltank is the only gym that ever challanged me(at least the first time now it is easy ). The rest are jokes
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