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Know what I noticed today? (Object Pokemon Topic)

#1AppleJeZusPosted 10/6/2013 10:00:37 PM
I was never really irritated with "Object Pokemon" I just never cared for them, then I realized that it's not the fact that there are object Pokemon that is starting to bug me, it's how LAZY Nintendo is with them.

For obvious reasons I would like to state that I recognize Voltorb and Electrode as the biggest culprit of this.

Think about it, we've always had object Pokemon.Magnets, Pokeballs, etc. it's just that over the years these designs have either been implemented poorly or just been completely lazy. Elekid is literally a plug for an electrical outlet, but his design is done well so nobody gets mad. Now we get ice cream cones with faces and a different number of scoops? A Keychain and a lock? There has to have been something they could have done, given them arms and legs and a color scheme rather than look like their real world object.

Idk, until last gen I never felt bothered by object Pokemon and I just realized why so I thought I'd share.
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