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Nickname your Starter!

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3 years ago#51
Kalos Starter - Chrom
Kanto Starter - Robin
"Do people go to Smogon's forums and complain about GameFaqs?" - Duskull24
" are a god among men" - The Red Man
3 years ago#52
Greninja shall be named Freddie.
3 years ago#53

That's for you TC :3
Official Madara Uchiha of all ExistenceOfficial Mu of UNS3 Board
Official Saberwulf of the Killer Instinct Board [Furry and Proud of it ^_^]
3 years ago#54
Chespin - Kellam
Fennekin - Miriel
Froakie - Gaius
3DS FC: 4012 3979 5838
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3 years ago#55
Chespin - Juggernut
Squirtle - Wartoise
Official Amnesiac Darkrai of the Pokemon X Board
You know why spiders know how to spin webs when they hatch? Because F*** You! That's why.
3 years ago#56
"You do not call rowdy roddy piper, he goes where he is needed"
3 years ago#57
Like many other people in this topic, Froakie's gonna be named Jiraiya.
3DS FC: 4682-8590-2294 NNID: AnimeFan12
Official Kintoki-Douji and Isabeau of the SMT 4 boards
3 years ago#58
I'll name my Fennekin Mozilla.
Goomy is love, Goomy is life.
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