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Do we know what types the Elite 4 is?

#1mninpPosted 10/7/2013 12:53:53 AM
I'm gonna guess and say:

Dragon (Champion)
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#2KyrieIrvingPosted 10/7/2013 12:54:48 AM

not sure what the order is
#31998_zPosted 10/7/2013 12:55:57 AM
Armored guy is obviously Steel.
The specs lady is said to be Fire.
The old lady is Dragon.
The blonde guy is possibly Water.
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#4bd43Posted 10/7/2013 12:56:08 AM
The order is Steel, Fire, Dragon, Water.

It's honestly a little balanced.
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#5TJ_17_Posted 10/9/2013 12:23:28 AM
Seems fairly open to a ground type, providing we don't have the blizzard problem.
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#6SwampertBadassPosted 10/9/2013 12:26:10 AM
SIEBOLD, MY HUSBAND, IS WATER TYPE. The others are steel, fire and dragon.
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