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So, will YOU be using the new fairy type?

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2 years ago#81
Probably. Don't know which one though, but one thing for certain is that every Fairy type I get is going to be female if they have gender.
2 years ago#82
Yes. Xerneas and Dedenne.
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2 years ago#83
No, maybe only Xerneas
2 years ago#84
hellzyaaahhhhhh posted...
will have them...
but will not use them

also plaining on a anti fairy dragon team
with at least 1 strong steel move per dragon and high speed so they get 1st attack
(also with high attack XD)

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2 years ago#85
KirinV posted...
No, seeing as they insisted on not making a Fairy type that appealed to males i.e tough/cool looking pokemon.

Which is ridiculous because in actual lore fae's are not to be messed with. And can range from beautiful to monstrous.

Granbull,Mr.Mime,Mawile,Carbink, and Kelfkei are pretty male-appealing fairies. They're getting there
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2 years ago#86
Probably. Carbink, Dedenne and Sylveon are my most likely candidates.
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2 years ago#87
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2 years ago#88
Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to use one, and as much as I like Florges, Slurpuff, and Klefki, there are other Pokemon that I want to use more. I'll probably have one on the postgame team that I always make whenever I beat a Pokemon game.
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