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Your Reaction: GameFreak decides against doing R/S/E remakes because instead

#31Fierce_Deity777Posted 10/7/2013 7:40:42 AM
1998_z posted...
Haters can drown on those water routes.

I'll definitely buy it.

I agree. I feel like Gen 3 was one of the best gens. Though held back by issues such as being pre physical/special split. Though I can't speak on the competitive side of things, since I wasn't really into hardcore pvp play at the time. It's also one of the few gens that I feel really provided a decent challenge. If for nothing else but status running rampant in-game.

It's been so long, though. I don't see why they WOULDN'T do a revisit to Hoenn.
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#32keybladesrusPosted 10/7/2013 7:45:58 AM
Gen 3 was the best gen, imo, so I'd love either a remake or sequel. But here's what a lot of people in this topic sound like: "I don't like it, so no one else should get it either!"

If you don't want a Hoenn remake/sequel, don't buy it. It's inevitable that it will happen eventually, so let the people who will love it have they're fun. It may even change your opinion of the gen. I didn't care for gen 5, but B/W 2 gave me a better opinion of it.
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#33dragonite241992Posted 10/7/2013 7:48:10 AM
A remake is fine but.. since gen V skipped one, it's going to be difficult to fit all the new pokemon in postgame.
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#34Bluelynx87Posted 10/7/2013 7:50:34 AM
Either way is good as long as we get a new game containing Hoenn since its the only region that has not been remade and s sill only in the old cart format
#35ZTIger5Posted 10/7/2013 7:51:22 AM
Interesting idea. I'd certainly go for it.
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#36Nightcrawler65Posted 10/7/2013 8:50:34 AM
I'd love R/S/E sequels. As for post-game, what about the Sevii Islands? They were introduced in the same gen, just in other games, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched I don't think.
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#37ShadowMario3Posted 10/7/2013 9:00:33 AM
That would be better than remaking the games.
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