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Would this be possible using the Pokemon Bank?

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3 years ago#1
I was thinking, is it possible to get your starter in XY and then upload it to the bank and then start the game over and do the same for the other starters? This would make it easy to play the game with all 3 starters. Do you think this can be done?
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3 years ago#2
probably, but the pokemon bank won't be open until december...
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3 years ago#3
Yes they have already confirmed that if you loose your game dont worry all the pokemon in your bank will be safge and ready when you get a new game
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3 years ago#4
Obviously yeah, which is why they're waiting until December 27th to release it. >_>
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3 years ago#5
Other than the Pokebank only opening in December, we don't know yet how far you have to progress through the game to be able to use Pokebank. It might only become usable after beating the League.
3 years ago#6
Do people not read the FAQs for PokeBank

Can I use Pokémon Bank as soon as it finishes downloading, or must I reach a certain point in my Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game first?

If you download Pokémon Bank to your system in the Nintendo 3DS family, you will be able to use it at any point after obtaining your Pokédex in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. You cannot use it if you have Pokémon X or Pokémon Y but have not begun the game.
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