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User Info: MusicM4st3r

3 years ago#1
are the trade boards moving to the Pokemon X board then since it's more populated than the Pokemon Y board? it would make sense but I'm just curious so I know where to go when they move (since the games are coming out this weekend)
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User Info: djayk85

3 years ago#2
Will prob be Combined Boards like they are for B,W,B2,W2

If you're on the Trade board for B/W2 and hover over the Board button it gives you a list of all the linked boards.

Will most likely be the same here
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User Info: NegaZelda

3 years ago#3
Trade boards don't "move" - the old ones still remain up, they just set up new ones. Technically, you're only supposed to use each board for their respective game, but I saw a lot of people use the BW(2) trading boards for Plat/HG/SS since those died when Gen 5 came out.
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